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The combined aspects of my work described below include the entire portfolio of services I provide as a director, but at the client's request I can offer these services separately.

Director for events and TV productions

As a director I follow the project from conception to completion. Past projects have included product launches, anniversary celebrations, management conferences, dealer meetings, employee events, classical and rock concerts, and press conferences, among others.

Concept consulting

During the concept phase I am intimately involved in and collaboratively work with the client to generate ideas based on my knowledge and experience.

Technical consulting

In this phase of production, I support and advise clients on the appropriate technology to realize and achieve their concepts.

Three-dimensional visualization

To support the planning and execution of an event I create three-dimensional sketches to enable clients to visualize the scenery and camera setup of the final production.

Coaching, camera, and stage training

As a coach, I advise and train clients on how to perform on stage and in front of a camera. I offer the following services (among others):

• Train participants in the studio, on-location, or at the workplace, with or without a camera
• Guide, assist, and provide feedback during performance rehearsals
• Evaluate strengths (and weaknesses) and recommend strategies for improvement
• Optimize speaking and (PowerPoint) presentations skills,
• Tailor and customize training for the individual - no standardized consulting.
Each client receives personalized attention based on his or her needs, strengths, and weaknesses.

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